LETTERS: At least Christie takes responsibility

At least Christie takes responsibility

I simply do not trust eastern liberals like New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, and I will never vote for Christie. However, when contrasted with President Barrack Obama, Christie is by far the most straightforward and ethical.

Gov. Christie has taken full responsibility for the misdeeds of his appointees and has fired them. President Obama, by comparison, constantly leads from behind, which means that others takes the blame, but refuses to hold any of his appointees responsible — for anything. Instead of firing miscreants, Obama simply promotes them. How disgusting, and morally and ethically dishonest.

Can any of you liberals out there care to defend on the pages of the GDP, why Obama refuses to hold himself, or any of his appointees, responsible for anything? Oh, I forgot, Obama has placed the blame of all his problems on former President Bush.

— Gene Wade


Why can’t they all get along

in Snellville?

Back in the late ’60s and early ’70s Snellville was the up and coming new community. “Everybody is somebody in Snellville” was the positive motto of the residents. Finally outsiders realized that the proper name was not “Snailville.”

Many new subdivisions sprang up and Snellville became a great place to raise a family. Good schools, churches, and shopping centers springing up and made Snellville a popular destination for many new families. A small town atmosphere with modern conveniences. Pastures were still lining Ga. Highway 78, called Memorial Drive, to Stone Mountain, and the Scenic Highway, Ga. Highway 124, to Lawrenceville. The city and county government was well respected and operated in the best interest of the residents.

Now it seems that the city of Snellville leaders are in constant conflict among themselves. I hope that the mayor and city council will cease their petty rivalries and start doing the job they were elected to do for the residents. We have enough fussing and feuding in Wahington D.C. and not much gets accomplished up there either.

I hope the current interest in the TV show filming in Snellville overrides the comedy of the city officials.

— D.W. Pyles