OUR VIEW: Thumbs up to Lilburn officers for their good deed

We all like to get the new year started off on the right foot, and it never hurts to get some motivation from others doing good things and good deeds. This past week officers at the Lilburn Police Department provided some of that motivation, lending a helping hand that deserves a thumbs up.

With Officer Andy Blimline as the ring leader, personnel from the Lilburn PD chipped in to pay for a cab ride home for a man who had walked 29 miles to Lilburn all the way from Fulton County to take care of a traffic citation.

After finding out the man had walked to Lilburn on the coldest day of the year, Blimline asked him if he’d like to have a cab called. Unsure at first, the man accepted and Blimline paid the $80 fare with Officer Cody Belcher, Officer A.J. Ajonovic and Lt. Chris Dusik chipping in.

Said Blimline: “I didn’t want him walking another eight hours.”

Understandably, the story has been picked up by news outlets around the country, and deservedly so. It was a kind act, one that should serve as an example to us all. Lilburn Police Chief Bruce Hedley said it’s also a reminder that police officers can be kind despite a sometimes rough exterior.

“…Underneath that blue shell is somebody that is kind and caring and has a big heart,” Hedley said. “I think this shows that we’re just people, too.”

So thumbs up to Blimline and his fellow Lilburn officers for doing the right thing and setting a great example.

Also deserving of a thumbs up this past week:

• Amy Oates and Drew Ridgely, who made their way to the front door of a buring Dacula home on West Drowing Creek Road early Wednesday morning. The two pounded on the door, waking the family and alerting them to the fire.

“We are fortunate that the passersby were able to alert the family to the fire before it was too late,” Capt. Tommy Rutledge said.

• Jim Steele and Debbie Mason, who were honored by Gwinnett Clean and Beautiful on Thursday night. Steele was given Environmental Legacy Award while Mason was honored as the Volunteer of the Year.