Trailers at Gwinnett elementary school lose power

Students at Nesbit Elementary were moved inside

Georgia Power crews visited Nesbit Elementary on Wednesday morning after a blown transformer caused 20 trailers to lose power.

Gwinnett County Public Schools spokeswoman Sloan Roach said students were not out in the cold, but instead were brought inside the school’s cafeteria and other classrooms. Power to the building was fine, Roach said.

Georgia Power spokeswoman Carol Boatright said crews were at the school from about 7:50 a.m. to 10:45 a.m., and fixed the problem that was a result of cold weather.

One day after the district was closed because of single digit temperatures and below zero wind chills, there were no weather-related issues for the transportation or facilities departments, Roach said. It was the first day students returned to school since Dec. 20.

“Everything overall has been great this morning,” Roach said. “We had a really good start. There were some low gas pressure issues yesterday, but there was nothing that was severely impacting our facilities.”