HALL: Recalibration complete

The success of so many things in our lives is dependent on proper calibration. We have grown accustomed to the results that are available to us based on an unbelievable collection of some of the some of the most scientific and technologically advanced inventions that have ever been known to man.

However, despite the advantage that this information provides to us, these tools can become totally useless if their proper calibration is not maintained. Once these known foundational bases for proper utilization are disturbed, the information that is provided can be completely inaccurate. When this disturbance occurs, it is essential for the equipment to be recalibrated to return it to its original and intended use. In most circumstances, we are completely comfortable in once again trusting the results of such devices once the recalibration occurs.

In many ways, our political system is no different. Most of us have complete trust in the political system that was created by our forefathers. It is a system that has proven successful for over two hundred and its success is based on the original calibrations that were installed when the system was put into place. From time to time, the system has lost its original calibration based on several forms of “systematic corruption” and has needed to be fine tuned back to its original settings.

In Gwinnett, we know firsthand just how undependable a system can be when the “factory” settings are altered based on extreme corruptive influences. In our case, improper readings were allowed to stay in place, without the needed adjustments, to the point that the system became completely undependable and it’s operators completely dysfunctional.

The system eventually came to a grinding halt, which was difficult but much needed, so that it could be started back up with the proper adjustments. Once it was recalibrated, it has worked much better and seems to be back on it’s way to full capacity without all systems go.

However, despite the retooling that took place, we still have some who refuse to trust the new calibration and are determined that the inner workings and results of the system will always be flawed. Not only is this not fair to the group that is now driving the system, but this continued doubt will not allow the system to gain it’s full speed based on their constant accusations that it is still running improperly. We must, however, keep in mind that the recalibration is no guarantee that the system will not fail again. Its success is based on constant observations and testing to ensure that it is firing on all cylinders and that the information that it is providing is factual and not simply spam. Once an error is detected, it must be corrected again without the delay that we saw in the last example.

The fact that our system is now running smoothly is a good thing. Those who have been hesitant to connect to a faulty system are now starting to make the connections where progress, through healthy networking, is once again starting to take place. Once the nucleus was repaired, the entire eco system has stared to flourish ,which as we all know, is needed for our county to once again flourish. Let’s take off the baffles for a while and see what it is capable of. We now have systems that will shut it down if false or dangerous readings start to appear.

If that happens, we can make corrections and get back on line quickly. We just have to get the naysayers who will never be convinced that they system can be, and has been calibrated, to allow it full acceleration. That is the only way that we can ever get back to the top of the regional food chain where we were once so proudly positioned.

Every one around us is pouring the coal to it. Are we going to get back in the race, or just sit in the injured reserve section until we are no longer prevalent in the game?

We’ve done the reboot — let the new programming begin.

Stan L. Hall is the executive director of the Gwinnett Sports Commission and Gwinnett Convention and Visitors Bureau.