MCCULLOUGH: I resolve not to resolve

Nate McCullough

Nate McCullough

Here’s how many New Year’s resolutions I made: Zero.

Zed. Nada. None.

I just don’t need the guilt anymore.

Some years I’ve made dozens and acheived a handful. Which led me to feel guilty for not doing better.

Other years I’ve only made a handful — and achieved less. Which also led me to feel guilty.

So this year, no resolutions.

What am I going to do? Lose weight. Maybe. I have before and kept some of it off. But every pound I set out to lose and don’t is another one I feel guilty about. Why not just try without setting some arbitrary goal of which to fall short?

Will I do better with money? Not bloody likely, mainly because I don’t have any.

Will I read more books and watch less TV? I think I’ve got a good balance on that already.

Will I cuss less? No @#$#&! way.

I’ve just been down this road too many times. Us tigers rarely change our stripes.

We do alter them a bit sometimes. It is, technically, possible to change things about yourself. But after you’ve been on Earth for a certain amount of time, you tend to know yourself, and what said self will and won’t do.

Here’s the thing I’ve come to realize: Changing your life means being in control of it. Being in control of it is sometimes within your ability and sometimes not. But making a change means recognizing the need and then doing it immediately, not waiting for some starting point that seems to make sense because it marks the beginning of something. And you have to want to do it and not feel pressured into it.

I, along with many others, I gather, am just glad to see 2013 go away. But I’m not naive enough to think flipping the page on the calendar will make things magically better. I’ve got a lot coming up in 2014 to deal with, too. I’m not about to make the year even harder by adding a bunch of guilt over a list of goals that I made up because the calendar told me to do so.

So there’s my New Year’s resolution: To make no resolutions.

Now the question is: Can I stick to it?

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