Senate approves cap on Georgia income tax

Sen. David Shafer

Sen. David Shafer

If a local senator has his way, Georgians could vote this year on capping the state income tax.

Senators approved a resolution Monday that could keep the General Assembly from increasing the income tax, which is now set at 6 percent.

“Every one of our neighbors has a lower income tax than Georgia, and two states do not tax earned income at all,” said Sen. David Shafer, the Duluth Republican who sponsored the measure. “Capping the state income tax will keep Georgia competitive. We will be the only Southeastern state that constitutionally prohibits income tax increases.”

If the House agrees, the proposed constitutional amendment would be considered in a statewide referendum.

“This amendment is a first step toward moving Georgia away from taxing income,” said Shafer, who is the Senate president pro tem. “As a general principle, I support consumption taxes, not taxes on productivity.”

The resolution was co-sponsored by every member of the Senate Republican Caucus. It passed by a vote of 42 to 11.