New Dawn Theater brings three-act Neil Simon play to Duluth stage


• What: New Dawn Theater’s production of “Plaza Suite”

• When: 8 p.m. Thursday through Saturday and 2 p.m. Sundays through March 9

• Where: New Dawn Theater, 3087 Main St., Duluth

• Cost:$15 for adults and $12 for seniors and children

• For more information: Call 678-887-5015 or visit newdawntheatercompany.com

Actress Kylee Wall spends most of her time on stage in the play “Plaza Suite” unseen but heard.

Her character, the bride-to-be Mimsey, has locked herself in the bathroom of Suite 719 in the Plaza Hotel in New York the morning of her wedding. While she’s crying in the bathroom her parents are left to frantically attempt to get their daughter down the aisle.

The act is one of three — specifically the third — in the Neil Simon play being produced by New Dawn Theater in Duluth and opening this weekend.

“It’s definitely the most slapstick of the three acts,” said Wall, a Duluth resident. “(It’s) a lot of very well-written dialogue and banter between my parents who are arguing the entire time and lots of physical comedy.”

All three acts take place in 1968 but are very different. The first act follows married couple Sam and Karen Nash who are revisiting their honeymoon suite in an attempt by Karen to bring the love back into their marriage.

“I think (audiences) are going to be surprised with the first act,” said Suwanee resident Doug Isbecque, who plays Sam. “It is a bit more serious, but it does have its comic moments throughout.”

The second act follows the reunion of two high school sweethearts Jesse, a Hollywood movie producer, and Muriel, a suburban housewife.

Katie Tucker, the Duluth resident who plays Muriel, said it’s a comical act in a sort of risque manner.

“Basically he’s just trying to seduce me the whole time and I’m trying to avoid that situation, but it doesn’t work,” Tucker laughs.

Director Sherry Ingbritsen said audiences can expect three completely different shows combined into one play.

“Each one is so different, from the characters to the type of show,” she said.

“Each act has its own message about relationships and love,” Wall added. “I think that (the audience will) laugh a lot and have some things to think about.”

“Plaza Suite” opens this weekend and runs through March 9.