Four bands to take stage this weekend at Red Clay Theatre


Jason “Lefty Williams, pictured here, will perform with his band Saturday at the Red Clay Theatre in Duluth. The band is one of four set to take the stage. (Special Photo: Bonnie Morét)


Zangaro is headlining the Red Clay Theatre show alongside the Lefty Williams Band. (Special Photo)

Vince Zangaro and Jason “Lefty” Williams were friends during high school.

Fast forward about two decades and both musicians, along with their respective bands, will take the stage for the first time this weekend at the Red Clay Theatre in Duluth under the banner of Eddie Owen Presents.

The two bands will be joined by Little Boxes, an acoustic duo and the opening act, followed by Athens-based band dangfly!, with Zangaro’s band then taking the stage and Williams closing out the event.

“It’s going to be a nice diverse evening of music,” said Williams, a Norcross resident. “Everybody’s style is slightly different but complementary.”

Zangaro, who calls Marietta home, said he’s looking forward to playing the Duluth venue.

“I think it’s just gonna be a different kind of experience because of what Eddie Owen does, he does it classy,” Zangaro said. “It’s going to be more of a family-friendly event.”

Zangaro’s second foray into music, after a childhood spent playing, was re-inspired by his father, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Zangaro had corporate job as a regional manager for the brand Hot Topic to take care of his father and started playing music full-time about four years ago.

“He actually kind of brought it out in me,” Zangaro said of his father. “Everything I write is message based and almost takes on a life from a caregiver’s perspective.”

Zangaro will bring his message-based music, along with Williams, dangfly! and Little Boxes to Gwinnett this Saturday, Feb. 22.

“We’re really excited about it,” he said of the performance, “especially having a good weekend show. It’ll be fun.”