Confederate flag emblem causes stir on redesigned license plates

The Confederate battle emblem on Georgia license plates has brought national attention, more than a decade after it left the state’s flag.

The emblem is part of a digital background for new license plate designs for the Sons of Confederate Veterans, recently approved by the state Department of Revenue.

According to Department of Revenue spokesman Nick Genesi, the organization’s plate has been issued for years, but the department recently transitioned to a new digital design, which adds the battle flag background along with the group’s logo.

Since 2003, 10,604 speciality Sons of Confederate Veterans plates have been issued, with more than 400 coming between 2012 and 2013. He added that 35 have been ordered so far this year.

Of the $80 initial issuance fee or $55 annual renewal fee for specialty tags, $10 goes to the sponsoring organization.

The organization had submitted two other proposed designs, one with the granite carving on Stone Mountain and another with a waving state flag as background, but those were rejected as they did not have written permission from the park (in the case of the carving) or the Secretary of State (in the case of the flag).