Jennifer Nettles is looking forward to coming home


Singer Jennifer Nettles will perform Feb. 22 at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta. (Special Photo)

If You Go

What: Jennifer Nettles in concert

When: 8 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 22

Where: Fox Theatre, 660 Peachtree St. N.E., Atlanta

Cost: $26.50 to $61.50

For more information: Visit www.foxtheatre.or...

Jennifer Nettles is looking forward to coming home again.

The country star, formerly of the band Sugarland, is coming to Atlanta’s Fox Theatre for a solo show on her promotional tour for her first solo album, “That Girl.”

“Atlanta, for me, regardless where I live and reside, will always be a home to me,” she said.

Nettles started with the band Soul Miner’s Daughter playing at Agnes Scott College before moving on to her first solo project, The Jennifer Nettles Band. She played at Eddie’s Attic and the Variety Playhouse and is excited to see the fans from her early days reuniting at her upcoming show.

While the singer has performed at the historic Fox Theatre before, she is eager to revisit the venue Feb. 22.

“It’s an iconic venue within Atlanta — I’ve been able to perform in lots of beautiful theaters, but the Fox stands out to me as one of the most beautiful,” she said. Nettles said the Fox allows for greater intimacy between the performer and her audience, which is much more in tune with her new album, which she describes as more “raw” and “pure” than her previous work.

Nettles is also looking forward to getting food from some of her favorite Atlanta restaurants. She was very sad to hear of the passing of Atlanta’s beloved chef Ria Pell, as Ria’s Bluebird is one of her favorite places. The singer said she “would love to have the caramelized banana pancakes” while she is in the city.

The past year has been an exciting and busy one for Nettles. A few months after the birth of her son, she went into the studio to record “That Girl,” her first solo effort on a national scale. She began touring in September, and this January she was rewarded when her album hit No. 1 on the Billboard Country Music charts. She has maintained that spot for three weeks.

Despite her incredible success, Nettles maintains her priorities. She tours with her son and husband, and calls her son “a little bus baby.

“He’s traveled more places in his little fourteen months than I did before I was in my thirties,” she said with a laugh.

Nettles is also able to keep in touch with her fans via social media, but she is aware of the negative aspects of technology as well.

“It’s a double-edged sword. It’s great to be able to connect with fans in a new way, but the access that people have, especially with anonymity, allows for lots of (nastiness),” she said.

It’s also difficult, she added, when fans expect constant information. She said overall, however, “it’s nice and fun to be able to connect and I have found interestingly enough that I have enjoyed it. I’ve been able to find a lot out about (fans’) personalities.”

Nettles said she is excited to be coming home and doing something new. She looks forward to sharing something with old fans and new, things she wasn’t able to incorporate into Sugarland.

“You never know what to expect when you put out something new, you hope people will go along with you and that your fans will go along with you,” she said, “and luckily they seem to have done that.”