Snellville council to consider hiring parliamentarian

Snellville’s council session ended quickly Monday. But unlike a fiery retreat that ended in a dozen minutes less than two weeks ago, this meeting’s speed was not due to disagreement.

Council members quickly acted on a new ordinance that would allow home beer brewers to give away their brew at certain city functions, and officially named the Greater Eastside Chamber of Commerce as the city’s municipal chamber. The council also unanimously approved two lawsuit settlements related to city land purchases.

The civil session came just days after meeting in court to discuss a lawsuit where the mayor is seeking restraining orders against city officials.

During a work session earlier in the evening, officials discussed the creation of an ordinance that allows committees to vet potential appointees before they are considered, which has been a source of contention between the two sides.

They also discussed the possibility of naming a parliamentarian, a reference to the city retreat that ended after 12 minutes on Jan. 31. Before getting down to business, the meeting broke down as council members tried to make motions and Mayor Kelly Kautz called them out of order. The council members voted to “vacate the chair,” attempting to take control of the meeting away from Kautz, but she did not recognize the move and even called for council members to be removed by a police officer before the meeting was adjourned.

Councilman Dave Emanuel got a nod Monday from other council members to consider hiring a parliamentarian to help the board steer through more controversial sessions using Roberts Rules of Order.

“I think it’ll be money well-spent,” Emanuel said, adding that he is unsure of the pricing but would present a possibility to the council later this month. “We need someone to define what is proper.”