Crews begin treating roadways overnight

Road crews began working overnight to prepare for a winter weather event, which is likely to cause icy conditions for days in Georgia.

Georgia Department of Transportation crews began treating roadways and checking bridges for icing and treating roadways overnight, spokeswoman Teri Pope said.

In Northeast Georgia, the region that includes Gwinnett, crews began working 12 hour shifts at 8 p.m. Monday and will continue through the event, which could last until Thursday.

“We ask you to please stay home and when they get there not drive unless it is necessitated by an emergency,” said Bayne Smith, district engineer for the area.

County transportation officials also said they are prepared to tackle conditions as they arise.

Oficials asked the public to refrain from all but such absolutely necessary travel until midday Wednesday at the earliest.

For those who do venture out, officials said motorists should slow down and stay behind snowplows, leaving at least 10 car lengths distance.

Motorists should be aware of black ice conditions on surfaces such as bridge decks and entrance and exit ramps.

“Remember that technology helps, but only to a point,” a press release from GDOT said. “Four-wheel drive, anti-lock brakes and traction control are beneficial advancements in today’s cars, trucks and SUVs, but they can’t take the place of good driving habits and the need to reduce speed on snowy or icy roads.”