Central Gwinnett bids farewell to its college-bound leader in Riley

During his remarks introducing Adam Riley, Central Gwinnett head coach Todd Wofford called his wide receiver the team's “spiritual leader.”

Listening to Riley speak explained what the head coach meant. With a bright smile, Riley thanked God during his brief remarks about signing with Wingate and ended his comments with a wave and a “God bless you all.”

But it's more than just passing comments. Riley led the team in its pregame prayer during his senior season, a tradition under Wofford, but one Riley was never asked to do.

“They just knew it would be me,” Riley said. “My senior year, coming in, I just had to step into that role.”

Riley took the responsibility seriously, spending games encouraging his teammates no matter what the score.

“How we finish tells you what your character is,” Riley said.