Signal changed to improve traffic flow at Mill Creek High

Parents, teachers and students at Mill Creek High School should soon notice an improvement in the flow of traffic around the school.

This summer, representatives from the Gwinnett County Department of Transportation, the Georgia Department of Transportation and Gwinnett County Public Schools met at the Hoschton high school to devise ways to ease congestion.

“For the last several years, there has been significant congestion in the a.m. peak at Mill Creek High School, despite the presence of a police officer on site manually overriding the signal,” explained Gwinnett Transportation Director Kim Conroy.

The problem, he said, has been compounded by the fact many drivers immediately need to change lanes upon entering school property. This internal circulation issue caused traffic to back up onto Braselton Highway creating gridlock.

In order to address the problem, the signal at the school entrance has been adjusted to first allow people turning left off Braselton Highway to enter the property, then allow those turning right to proceed.

“Observations on site from just the first two days indicate that there is an improvement in the amount of congestion in and around the school property,” Conroy said.

Officials will continue to monitor traffic at the intersection for the next month or so before deciding if additional modifications are necessary. Conroy noted a recently approved SPLOST project will provide an extra lane in the area of the school and provide additional relief.

“We hope to have this project under construction in 2016, if not earlier,” he said.