Filming for “Resurrection” returns to Norcross

Crews with ABC Studios’ TV series “Resurrection” took over several homes and a church parking lot on North Peachtree Street on Wednesday. (Staff Photo: Joshua Sharpe)

Crews with ABC Studios’ TV series “Resurrection” took over several homes and a church parking lot on North Peachtree Street on Wednesday. (Staff Photo: Joshua Sharpe)


The crews transported equipment to and from the sets, which were closed to the public. (Staff Photo: Joshua Sharpe)


The “base camp” for the production took up much of the parking lot at One Heart Church. (Staff Photo: Joshua Sharpe)

The cameras are rolling again in Norcross.

Film crews for ABC Studios’ TV series “Resurrection” took over several homes and the parking lot of One Heart Church on North Peachtree Street on Wednesday.

More than a dozen RVs, trailers and cargo trucks sat in the church parking lot as members of the production team milled about and transported equipment to the homes down the street. Passersby paused, trying to steal glances at what drama could be playing out on the closed sets.

The series, a fantasy show about the dead returning to life, was recently picked up for its second season and also filmed scenes for its first crop of episodes in Norcross last year.

According to Austin Harkey, a location manager for the show, Norcross was chosen with practicality in mind.

“Atlanta has too much going on,” he explained in July. “With Norcross, we can have dialogue with the city, and the merchants have been kind and receptive to the filming.”

Mayor Bucky Johnson says the city is happy to oblige the crews for “Resurrection” and other projects that have come through in recent months, including the forthcoming Robert Redford movie, “A Walk in the Woods.”

Norcross hasn’t actively pursued such productions but has passed ordinances to make things easier for crews.

“We’ve been very, very pleased,” Johnson said Wednesday. “Whenever you do something like (this) you’ll always have one or two folks who are not going to want it, but almost everybody I’ve talked to really thinks it’s neat that they’re using Norcross. I think in the long term it’s going to be really good for Norcross.”

Johnson said Norcross hasn’t yet been able to quantify the economic impact of the city’s more welcoming stance on television and movie filming, but he expects it to be large.

“I think the employment is the big thing right now,” he said. “That’s what important for people, being able to find work, and they hire a lot of folks to do those productions. Sometimes it’s 120, 130 people just on one scene. It’s pretty dramatic. They’re dropping some bucks.”

Local businesses have also reported better business with crews in town. Norcross isn’t alone in that respect.

On Tuesday, Gov. Nathan Deal announced that the economic impact of filming for television and film projects came in at $5.1 billion during fiscal year 2014.

But along with the benefits can come problems. On Wednesday, Norcross officials were warning of potential traffic delays on North Peachtree Street. Similar warning were issued for Thursday at the same locations on North Peachtree and on Wingo Street, where another “Resurrection” crew was planned to be set up early in the day.

But Tixie Fowler, Norcross’ public relations and marketing manager, said the crews haven’t caused any major problems in the city as far as she knew. The worst she’s seen while the crews were in town was a little “grumpiness” from residents over traffic delays.