PEOPLE HELPING PEOPLE: Become a Rainbow Village 'angel'

Photo by Tori Boone

Photo by Tori Boone

By Nancy Yancey

Rainbow Village is dedicated to permanently breaking the cycles of homelessness, poverty and domestic violence. The greatest victims of homelessness are children. Bright futures for children and youth are the foundation of our program and the daily inspiration for everything we do. In fact, we are proud to be a nonprofit organization that encourages children to volunteer with their parents at after school events, Big Recess, workdays, and special events.

We all know how important, yet how difficult it is to teach children the value of giving to others. Our monthly giving Angel program provides a unique way to instill these values. Rainbow Village Angels provide the essential ongoing financial support to keep our doors open to homeless families with children who call Rainbow Village home. Monthly Angels provide the necessary operations dollars to keep our village financially secure. Angel donations provide homes, after school care, counseling, educational programs, extracurricular activities and a safe community for families to thrive. Rainbow Village Angels receive quarterly thank you messages from the children of Rainbow Village to show their appreciation.

Our new program, "Kids Helping Kids" will offer children the unique opportunity to learn about philanthropy and the value of helping others in their community, for now and for years to come. Rainbow Village Angel and Finance Committee member Mike Morgan, who not only suggested the idea of “Kids Helping Kids,” but had his three children step forward as the first children to join the team says. “That teaching children about managing money and the importance of philanthropy instills the values that have been so important to the success of families he sees in his work in the financial field. This ties in with Rainbow Village family goals as we put financial preparedness and having a five year financial plan at the forefront of a successful transition to a home of their own. Adults and children are taught the value of financial leadership. We prepare the children of Rainbow Village to learn financial responsibility in order to become successful adults.”

A minimum gift of $25 (or whatever amount you and your children/grandchildren choose) per month makes a great impact. Teach a child today values that will last for a lifetime. We are! Visit our website at www.rainbowvillage.org to learn more about this life giving community that is changing the world one child at a time.

Nancy Yancey is executive director of Rainbow Village.

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