TSA: Stun gun among odd things confiscated at Hartsfield-Jackson, other airports

ATLANTA — Perhaps Blanche Devereaux summed it up best on “The Golden Girls.”

“Well, I am stunned. Just stunned. Stunned is the only way to describe how stunned I am,” the character said in one episode of the late 1980’s television show.

One thing is for certain: Blanche was not talking about an item Transportation Security Administration security officers found at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport this week.

Officers found and confiscated a “stun gun” from one traveler at the world’s busiest airport, according to the TSA’s “Week In Review” report on items found at U.S. airports. Agency officials posted the report on its blog.

There were no details offered on the shocker.

But, perhaps the discovery of a stun gun at Hartsfield-Jackson isn’t so stunning after all. TSA officers confiscated 21 such devices at airports this week, according to the blog. Seven of them were confiscated at Monterey Regional Airport in Monterey, Calif. Two more were found at the airport in Las Vegas.

Additional stun guns were confiscated at airports in Dallas; Washington D.C.; Detroit; Los Angeles; San Francisco; Sacramento; San Juan, Puerto Rico; San Jose, Calif.; Stockton, Calif.; Orange County, Calif. and Alcoa, Tenn.

But the stun guns weren’t the only surprises discovered by security officers this week.

Some of the other stunners the TSA said its officers found at U.S. airports this week included:

• A knife concealed in a tube of toothpaste in San Jose.

• An “improperly checked” AK-47 in Newark, N.J.

• Throwing stars at Dallas Love Field.

• A fake grenade that was in a carry-on bag in Mobile.

• Another fake grenade that was in checked luggage in Syracuse, N.Y.

• An inert smoke grenade in Fayetteville, N.C.

In addition to those items, security personnel also confiscated 42 firearms — including 36 that were loaded and 12 that had rounds in their chambers — at airports across the nation, TSA officials said. None of those firearms were discovered at Hartsfield-Jackson.