Two Brookwood High students accused of cheating scheme

SNELLVILLE — Two Brookwood High students have been accused of, and disciplined for, cheating on local Advanced Placement tests.

The cheating allegations centered on the students allegedly breaking into classrooms and teacher work areas by unlocking locked doors after class and after school to take photographs of tests and answer keys, Gwinnett County Public Schools spokeswoman Sloan Roach said. No other students were involved, but Roach said the students had a “very deliberate plan of action” and did it for their own academic gain.

“This speaks to the intent of the students,” she said. “This kind of deliberate plan, attempt to cheat, is not something we see.”

Roach did not know of a specific time frame of when the incidents happened, but added that it had been a while.

Because of privacy laws, Roach said she couldn’t release the students’ names, ages or academic subjects. The discipline action was part of a normal procedure and made because it was a violation of the student conduct behavior code.

The trigger to begin the investigation is unclear, though once allegations surfaced, school and district officials looked at security cameras. The investigation did not find that the students broke into computers or changed grades, Roach said.

Principal Bo Ford has talked with teachers and custodians about the security of the building and classrooms, she said.