Dental centers offering free oral cancer screenings

According to Great Expressions Dental Centers, studies show that one person dies from oral cancer every hour.

Historically, the death rate associated with oral cancer has been particularly high because the cancer continues to be discovered late in its development due to a lack of oral health screenings.

To help reduce the number of oral cancer related deaths, Great Expressions Dental Centers will offer free oral cancer screenings to the public throughout the month of April, which is Oral Cancer Awareness Month. The screening consists of an examination of the face, neck, lip and mouth for signs of cancer, as well as checking the tongue for any lesions or discolorations.

“Oral cancer can easily go unnoticed in its early stages as it can be painless and physical changes might not be very noticeable,” said Dr. Lyda Harandi with Great Expressions Dental Centers. “Because this can be life-threatening, it’s extremely important to be proactive about the prevention of oral cancer and work to detect signs in the early stages of development. Prevention begins with knowing what to look for and be mindful of causes.”

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