The Dish: Adriatic Grill

On The Menu

• Greek salad — A chilled salad of cucumbers, onions, fresh tomatoes and olives tossed in a bed of iceberg, topped with feta and mixed in home-made Mediterranean dressing, $4.29

• Adriatic burger — Topped with jack cheese, chili roasted pepper spread, onion, sauteed mushrooms, lettuce, tomatoes, $4.59

• Spanakopita — Fresh chopped spinach, ricotta cheese, cottage cheese, eggs and salt in home-made phyllo dough, $3.99

• Gyro — Freshly sliced, lean beef and lamb or chicken from the rotisserie wrapped in pita bread, with lettuce, onions, tomatoes and topped with a Tzatziki sauce, $4.99


Pictured clockwise from front are three of The Adriatic Grill’s most popular dishes — the Adriatic salad, the bubu burger with french fries, and the doner. (Staff Intern: Danielle Ryan)


The Adriatic Grill in Lawrenceville has a bright and casual interior. (Staff Intern: Danielle Ryan)


The Adriatic Grill offers a large variety of fresh homemade desserts. Pictured clockwise from front are the Cherry Berry, Rafaello with coconut, Havana cake and a kiss cake. (Staff Intern: Danielle Ryan)

Adriatic Grill

396 West Pike St., Lawrenceville



• Open since: December 2012

• Owner: Jakup Neziri of Lawrenceville

• Location: In a strip mall off West Pike street near Langley Drive

• Hours: 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Sunday, 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesday through Thursday and 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Saturday and Sunday

• Atmosphere: The Adriatic Grill has a casual diner atmosphere with tile floors, wooden counters, colorful walls and Mediterranean music playing lightly in the background. Beverages are self-serve fountain drinks and a variety of homemade desserts are displayed at the front of the restaurant in a glass case. The menu is displayed above the counter.

• Menu: The Adriatic Grill offers a variety of Mediterranean food from a number of countries. The owner and head cook, Neziri, wanted to open a place with a different view of Mediterranean cuisine than what he had otherwise seen in the United States. He wanted a variety of foods from the middle of Europe, including Bosnian, Turkish, Serbian and other foods.

All of the recipes used at the restaurant are old family recipes handed down from Neziri’s parents. Many of the dressings, including the Greek, chipotle cream and jalapeno cream are made from scratch. The restaurant also makes its own phyllo dough fresh in house for pitas and other baked items.

The most popular dishes include doner, skillet sausage and their many pastries. Doner is a Turkish gyro of lamb and beef or chicken that is served in hot Lepinja bread instead of pita bread with homemade Tzatziki sauce. The skillet sausage is served on Lepinja bread as well with onions, lettuce and tomatoes.

There are a number of specialty drinks imported from Europe, including Cockta, Jupi soda, Perrier, Fructa strawberry drink and European Fanta.

The Adriatic Grill also features the pastries of Tiramisu Castle, Neziri’s baking business. The restaurant offers anywhere between 15 and 20 pastries on any given day, each homemade. Most of the desserts do not include butter so they are light and less filling than other desserts.

• Things you might not know: Neziri has been working in restaurants since he was 7 years old and worked in his father’s restaurant in Bosnia. He came to the United States in 1998 and started as a dishwasher, then worked his way up through the restaurant world, holding a corporate position in a major chain restaurant before opening The Adriatic Grill.

The Adriatic Grill also offers fresh lattes and cappuccinos with their desserts.