Woman shot in Dekalb drives into Gwinnett

A woman who was shot near a shopping center in the Tucker area drove into Gwinnett early Monday morning before she realized she needed medical attention.

The incident began at about 12:30 a.m. on Monday when a couple driving near 4357 Lawrenceville Highway noticed another vehicle driving aggressively near their vehicle, Dekalb County spokeswoman Mekka Parish said. At some point before the incident, another couple was offered a ride by couple driving a minivan. A woman in the passenger side of the minivan, which had four people inside, was shot multiple times by a suspect who then drove away in a Honda Accord, Parish said. The victim who was shot was originally in the passenger seat of the van.

The victim’s vehicle continued into Gwinnett because the victim didn’t immediately realize she had been shot, Parish said. The victim was taken to Gwinnett Medical Center.

Parish said Dekalb County Police are investigating the incident to see if it was caused by road rage, and if the couple that was offered a ride was involved.