Kimbro to be inducted into Georgia Dugout Club Hall of Fame

Mark  Kimbro

Mark Kimbro

As Brookwood’s athletics director, Mark Kimbro has a natural affinity for pretty much any sport. But make no mistake, his heart has always been fully on the baseball diamond.

So, while he considers being a member of the Central Gwinnett Hall of Fame and Gwinnett Dugout Club Hall of Fame being big honors, being a member of the Georgia Dugout Club’s Hall of Fame may be the most special honor to him.

Kimbro was recently informed by club officer Harvey Cochran that he will be a member of the Hall’s induction class of 2014, marking his achievements during his 21-year coaching career at Central Gwinnett before he came to Brookwood in 2006.

It’s an honor he didn’t expect.

“Back when it was first started, I helped create the criteria,” said Kimbro, who also played baseball at Central before graduating in 1980. “I didn’t know I qualified, but they made some changes in the years since I’ve been out. Yeah, it was a big shocker. I never anticipated. It’s huge.

“I got inducted into the Central Hall of Fame and that was a big deal to me because I went to school there. Then the Gwinnett Hall of Fame was a big deal because a lot of top notch coaches are in that hall of fame. If you look at who is in this hall of fame, it’s tremendous. To be a part of that group is amazing.”

Kimbro has been out of coaching for the past eight years since taking the athletics director job at Brookwood, and there’s a lot he misses, though he admits it’s more about missing baseball itself, as well as the kids he coached.

“I miss the games,” Kimbro said. “I don’t miss summer league. I still sit in the dugout and bother Rick (Howard). I don’t know if he likes it, but that’s where I sit. I still enjoy the games and thinking about what the coach is going to do, is he going to run here, things like that.”

— Sports Editor Will Hammock contributed to this report