LETTERS: Disagreeing with the rezoning of 'The Range'

I am familiar with the property formerly owned by Scientific Atlanta/Cisco known as “The Range”that was recently written about (“Officials OK rezoning of ‘The Range’,” Sept. 25, 1A).

I lived in Lawrenceville for 21 years and traveled the corridor frequently in which this residential development will be built. In spite of what seemed like well thought out opposition, the Board of Commissioners, by unanimous vote, approved this 334-home subdivision. I will have to agree with Messrs. Hicks, Knapp, and others in opposition, that the projected property tax revenues could be negated by the county services the residents in the development will require ongoing. This is not to mention any county infrastructure improvements that may be required to facilitate this development.

If so, my question then would be, “On whose dime? The developers or the taxpayers?”

As far as David Jenkins, the developer of this complex, is concerned, District 1Commissioner Jace Brooks said it correctly when he stated something to the effect that the BOC cannot make decisions based on likes and dislikes of individuals. However, I can make such decisions based on my likes and dislikes of the actions of my elected officials at the ballot box when it comes time to vote.

I will not forget who it was that let Charles Bannister and David Jenkins walk.

Jimmy Orr, Jr., Bethlehem,