Kosovo city celebrates 'Day of Lilburn'

A European town celebrated the “Day of Lilburn” Friday, as officials signed a sister city agreement.

Lilburn Mayor Johnny Crist traveled to the Kosovo city of Suhareka to take place in the ceremony, which was part of a traditional festival in the city called “Festari.”

“Sister Cities create opportunities to exchange ideas and best practices. These exchanges help us to identify our common goals and work together to achieve them. In this small way, the city of Lilburn is doing its part to contribute to world peace,” said Crist, who first traveled to the city with a church group.

His visit to officials lead to cultural and education exchanges which eventually blossomed into city sisterhood. And the Kosovan leaders visited Lilburn in July to receive a key to the city.

On Friday, Crist was exxpected to take part in the “Day of Lilburn” event, which included a concert and dinner before the agreement was signed “twinning: the two cities, a press release said.

“After intensive cooperation, exchange of young people in the fields of education and culture and citizenship, Mayor Blerim Kuçi and Mayor Johnny Crist agreed that this friendship rises to a higher level, and this is twinning,” Suhareka officials announced in an invitation to the “Day of Lilburn.”