Norcross company profiting in first year

Sean Murphy

Sean Murphy


Zack Sexton

NORCROSS — Don’t tell Sean Murphy there’s a down economy.

The Emory University graduate started his company Procurri, a high-end data center equipment company, on Jan. 1 and has seen his company grow from five employees to 21. Not only that, but by the end of the year the company will be valued at over $50 million.

“We’re completing a merger with a company in Singapore and acquiring a company from England,” he said. “We’re doing something you don’t see too often. We’re an American company in Asia.”

And it’s all happening right here in Gwinnett County.

Murphy said Norcross was a great location for many reasons.

“Not only is there a great school system here, but it’s the technology capital of Georgia,” he said. “People can talk all they want about Alpharetta and John’s Creek, but there are so many great technology companies here in Gwinnett. Not to mention the business community here is great.”

While the school system benefits Murphy and his family (which includes four kids), his employees (from mid-20s to mid-30s) enjoy the life in Buckhead.

“They get the benefit of a reverse commute, and get to enjoy everything this area has to offer,” he said.

But his company isn’t going to stop at 21 employees. By the end of next year, he and co-president Zack Sexton project another 29 employees added to their business, and offices in Singapore and England.

“We’re trying to become a global company,” Sexton said.

As far as their long-range plans, the pair say they will open an IPO in the Asian market, adding that a $100-million company is America is small, while in Asia, it’s considered big.

“We didn’t expect to be growing this quickly,” Murphy said. “We thought we would turn a profit in month four or five, but we turned a profit in every month since we started. We’re very proud of that.”

While two-thirds of their business is outside the U.S., Murphy said the headquarters will remain in Norcross.

“It’s just a great place to be,” he said. “Not only do you have the schools and the great business community, but you have access to a lot of great college. There are a lot of great assets in this area.”