Latest health score closes Flying Biscuit again

NORCROSS — Another low health inspection score has closed the Flying Biscuit Cafe.

For the second straight week, the restaurant at 5270 Peachtree Parkway in Norcross received a failing health score that caused it to close. This time, Flying Biscuit received a 59 at an inspection on Sept. 12, which followed an inspection on Sept. 5 when the restaurant was given a 40.

An answering machine recording on Tuesday at the restaurant said it was closed for renovations and staff training, and was scheduled to reopen on Thursday.

The inspector wrote in a report that a “lack of active managerial control” was observed, and there were several repeat violations in risk factor categories observed during inspection.

Another violation claimed that an “employee removed earbuds from ears, and then he continued to work with dough.” The inspector also wrote that “an employee failed to wash hands between changing gloves and handling raw eggs,” and “an employee contaminated her gloves prior to wrapping silverware by handling cellphone.”

Floor tiles were also in disrepair or missing, the inspector wrote, and must be repaired for a smooth surface to facilitate cleanability.

The Flying Biscuit Cafe also failed an inspection Jan. 3 with a 65. Upon reinspection Jan. 7, the establishment scored an 80.

Last week, following the inspection that resulted in a 40, general manager Brad Rubenstein told the Daily Post that he worked closely with the health department to come up with a corrective action plan and the restaurant was 100 percent compliant. A phone message left at the restaurant on Tuesday was not returned.