FBI: Local store among those victim to bomb threat scam

ATLANTA — A Snellville store is among those across the country that have been subject to an “emerging scam” involving bomb threats and demands for money.

According to Special Agent Stephen Emmett, spokesman for the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Atlanta office, said that, earlier this month, 10 retail stores in the Savannah area “each received telephonic bomb threats.”

“In each case, the caller asked to speak to the store manger, demanding that 10 Green Dot MoneyPak cards each be activated and loaded with $500 and that the card numbers be read aloud over the phone,” Emmett said. “The caller threatened to blow up the stores if the managers did not comply and also threatened the store employees’ homes and families.”

The FBI subsequently determined similar threats at drug stores and retail outlets nationwide — including a “discount department store” in Snellville, Emmett said.

“To date, no explosive devices have been found anywhere in the country linked to this type of threat,” Emmett said.

Green Dot MoneyPak cards are reloadable and available at many retail outlets. They are mostly untraceable, authorities said, and are not associated with any bank.

Anyone with information regarding this type of scam can file a report or complaint with the FBI at www.IC3.gov.