Committee tasked with allocating potential transportation funds meets

LAWRENCEVILLE — A citizen committee got started Monday determining how to allocate the potential money from a special purpose local option sales tax referendum that will be voted on Nov. 5.

The nine-member committee has been tasked with making recommendations for the allocation of funds for 10 categories under transportation. The categories include:

  1. Transportation planning
  2. Residential speed control
  3. Unpaved roads
  4. Capital projects rehabilitation and resurfacing
  5. Bridges, culverts and transportation drainage
  6. Road safety and alignment
  7. School safety
  8. Sidewalks and pedestrian safety
  9. Intersections
  10. Major roads

If passed, the 2013 SPLOST is expected to generate more than $200 million in transportation funding.

In August, residents selected the committee representatives from six major interest groups — schools, civic organizations, seniors citizens, the business community and homeowners from county districts. They include include Marlin Knapp, Scott Hilton, Jerry Oberholtzer, Renee Byrd-Lewis, Laurie McClain, Curt Thompson, Art Sheldon, Alan Kaplan and Davida Baker. Alternates are Bill Wise, Jim Kwater, Greg Cantrell, Jody Everette, Glenn Park, Jacqueline Frazier, Tommy Loggins, Daniel Jardine and John Winters.

On Monday, committee members received an explanation of the 10 categories for which they will allocate funds, and Scott Hilton was elected chair of the committee, with Byrd-Lewis elected vice-chair.

The committee will meet again at 6 p.m. Monday, Sept. 30, at the Gwinnett Justice and Administration Building at 75 Langley Drive in Lawrenceville. The meeting is open to the public.