LETTERS: More rules won't make for better parenting

In response to the column (“Needed: A report card on parents,” Sept. 12, 7A), Esther Cepeda supports “the idea of letting schools grade parents on their participation in a child’s education – by assessing homework checks, dress codes, daily attendance and parent attendance at school conferences…”

On the surface, this seems like a good idea, helping the children by holding the parents accountable. But, how will this be enforced? Will parents be fined for not complying? Secondly, are we advancing to a more socialist society where its citizens are more and more directed and controlled by the government, in this case, raising our children?

It seems to me that there is a certain percentage of the population that is apathetic about their children’s education and well, quite frankly, about other issues pertaining to the welfare of our country. By creating more rules and regulations we are only solving the symptoms of the underlining problem.

Our probem? Our citizens are not learning the values that helped us to be a prosperous nation, the values of education, hard work, self-reliance and responsibility.

It is difficult to watch people neglecting their children, but I don’t see how putting more rules and demands (extrinsic motivation) will cause the parents to be more concerned and caring (intrinsic motivation) for their own children.

Van Marosek, Lawrenceville