Korean official celebrates business ties to Gwinnett

DULUTH — The consulate general of the Republic of Korea visited the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce Tuesday, in a special event to celebrate the strengthening of economic ties.

Consul General He Beom Kim praised the recent efforts of local politicians to sign a reciprocal driver’s license agreement, which helps improve business relations between Georgia and Korea.

“The driver’s license reciprocity agreement impact on the Korean community was immediate. Students, expats, and their families are among the major benefactors,” Kim said in a press release. “I believe that for our bilateral relationship to be meaningful, and for an economic partnership to be sustainable, it should encompass strong cultural and community ties on the grassroots level. This notion of working together, building together and winning together has become a transformative experience for a very sizable percent of the Korean community.”

At Tuesday’s event, attendees learned about the initiative and had opportunities to develop collaborations with Korean business executives and local leaders.

“This meeting between the Gwinnett Chamber and the Consulate General of the Republic of Korea represented a new era of collaboration between the Republic of Korea and Georgia that will prove to be mutually beneficial for our globally tied economies,” said Daniel J. Kaufman, the president of the Gwinnett Chamber. “The enactment of the reciprocal driver’s license agreement has opened doors for both partners that will lead to future business growth and economic prosperity.”

Earlier this year, the General Assembly approved legislation that would allow Georgians to forego written and field drivers license exams in certain countries like South Korea, if they have a valid Georgia license, and vice versa.

Gwinnett legislators Sen. David Shafer and Rep. B.J. Pak lead the effort to improve business travel.