GCPS announces Teachers of the Year

File photo of Mill Creek High School.

File photo of Mill Creek High School.

SUWANEE — Teachers across Gwinnett County Public Schools this week received one of the highest honors they could get at their school.

The district on Thursday announced 130 Teachers of the Year, the first of a five-step process as the district begins to select its district-wide Teacher of the Year. Nikki Mouton, executive director of staff development at GCPS, said in a press release that teachers around the district understand that being an effective teacher is not limited to theclassroom walls, and they’re aware of the time, energy and commitment that is required.

“It is an honor to be recognized by your colleagues,” Mouton said. “It suggests their recognition of the efforts of our teachers on a larger scale — with their students, with adults, with parents and the community at large.”

New Life Academy of Excellence and Hooper Renwick School did not select teachers for this honor.

The process began with a nominations and a vote at each school for their local Teacher of the Year.

Later this month, the group will be narrowed to 25 semifinalists, and six finalists will be chosen in mid-October. A selection committee of teachers, central office personnel and administrators visit the finalists in their classroom, and conducts interviews with each teacher. From the finalists, a Teacher of the Year at each level, elementary, middle and high will be chosen.

GCPS spokesman Jorge Quintana said the committee looks for original teaching methods, studies the educator’s teaching philosophy, considers the influence the teacher has had on the teaching practices of colleagues and reviews any special class projects the teacher has initiated.

The annual Teacher of the Year banquet and the announcement of GCPS’ Teacher of the Year is scheduled for Nov. 7.

2014 Local Teachers of the Year

Alcova Elementary, Courtney Couch, third grade teacher

Alford Elementary, Josh Dewitt, music teacher (grades K-5)

Anderson-Livsey Elementary, Christopher Thomson, science specialist (grades K-5)

Annistown Elementary, Marcus Sowcik, special education - Autism (grades K-2)

Arcado Elementary, Angie D. Curtis, kindergarten

Archer High, Kathleen Nason, Language Arts Teacher (ninth grade)

Bay Creek Middle, Tim Mullen, science (seventh grade)

Beaver Ridge Elementary, Crystal O’Connor, first grade

Benefield Elementary, Karen Stocks, literacy coach (grades K-5)

Berkeley Lake Elementary, Lori VanBuskirk, visuals arts (grades K-5)

Berkmar High, Tabitha Brodnax, AP Biology and Anatomy and Physiology (grades 9-12)

Berkmar Middle, Lissette McRea, language arts (sixth grade)

Bethesda Elementary, Emily Young, third grade

Britt Elementary, Chase Garner, music (grades K-5)

Brookwood Elementary, Cheryl White, first grade

Brookwood High, Ashley Allgood, Latin (grades 9-12)

Buice School, Christi Wells, special education (pre-K)

Burnette Elementary, Brittany Grant, music (grades K-5)

Camp Creek Elementary, Sarah Guest, fifth grade

Cedar Hill Elementary, Heather Mitchell, third grade

Centerville Elementary, Sandra Mullins, fifth grade

Central Gwinnett High, Barbara Miller, language arts (10th grade)

Chattahoochee Elementary, Louvene Williams, fifth grade

Chesney Elementary, Kara Cowdrick, fifth grade

Collins Hill High, David Langley, chorus (grades 9-12)

Cooper Elementary, Jaime Watson, technology coordinator

Corley Elementary, Monica Stamps, English to speakers of other languages (second grade)

Couch Middle, Alice Erickson, science (seventh grade)

Craig Elementary, Amanda Broadnax, fourth grade

Creekland Middle, Chip Holloway, physical education and health (grades 6-8)

Crews Middle, Jeni Guy, special education - Interrelated Resource (eighth grade)

Dacula Elementary, David Frank, kindergarten

Dacula High, Lindsey Campbell, social studies and Latin (grades 9-12)

Dacula Middle, Melissa Lord, math (eighth grade)

Duluth High, Allyson Vamplew, special education - Emotional Behavior Disorders (grades 9-12)

Duluth Middle, Will Hildebrand, social studies (sixth grade)

Duncan Creek Elementary, Melanie Reed, fourth grade

Dyer Elementary, Kelli Aleman, fourth grade

Ferguson Elementary, Leanette Spencer, media specialist

Five Forks Middle, Carla S. Kuny, language arts and social studies (sixth grade)

Fort Daniel Elementary, Susan Clayton, special education - Interrelated Resource (grades K-5)

Freeman’s Mill Elementary, Donna Daugherty, third grade

GIVE Center East, Joe Paul, U.S. History (11th grade)

GIVE Center West, Timothy Coefield, math (grades 6-8)

Grace Snell Middle, Tania Bethel, science (seventh grade)

Grayson Elementary, Beth Hearn, second grade

Grayson High, Veronica Crawford, language arts (grades 9-12)

Gwin Oaks Elementary, Jewel Anderson, second grade

Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science, and Technology, Hyunjin Son, engineering (ninth grade)

Gwinnett Online Campus, Dan Lollis, language arts (eighth grade)

Harbins Elementary, Shannon Wiley, first grade

Harmony Elementary, Desiree Hempen, second grade

Harris Elementary, Laura Calvert, fourth grade

Head Elementary, Susan Aiken Bullock, kindergarten

Hopkins Elementary, Sharon Britt, media specialist

Hull Middle, David Wise, science (sixth grade)

Ivy Creek Elementary, Becky Dodd, second grade

Jackson Elementary, Lindsey Ross, math (grades K-5)

Jenkins Elementary, Jessica Newsome, instructional coach (first grade)

Jones Middle, Elena Vo, English to speakers of other languages and special education (grades 6-8)

Kanoheda Elementary, Laura Ventura, fourth grade

Knight Elementary, Melissa Milando, second grade

Lanier High, Roger Prill, AP Human Geography and AP World History (ninth grade and 10th grade)

Lanier Middle, Joan McElroy, literacy Coach (grades 6-8)

Lawrenceville Elementary, Stacy Greenstein Lord, instructional coach (second grade)

Level Creek Elementary, Pamela Pickett, kindergarten

Lilburn Elementary, Norma Dove, special education - Mild Intellectual Disabilities (first and second grade)

Lilburn Middle, Winolee Furtney, algebra (eighth grade)

Lovin Elementary, Amanda Dodd, music (grades K-5)

Magill Elementary, Lori Young, special education - Autism (grades 3-5)

Mason Elementary, Michelle McCorkle, first grade

Maxwell High School of Technology, Janice Lloyd, cosmetology (11th and 12th grade)

McConnell Middle, Kim Craft, orchestra (grades 6-8)

McKendree Elementary, Margaret LaHatte, first grade

Meadowcreek Elementary, Stacie Coppola, math and literacy instructional coach (grades K-5)

Meadowcreek High, Dr. Marietta Malone, AP and Gifted Language Arts (grade 12)

Mill Creek High, Tim Rondeau, math (grades 9-12)

Minor Elementary, Rita Kelly, first grade

Monarch School, Rachael Renje, special education (pre-k)

Moore Middle, Tamia Edwards-Robb, special education - math (sixth grade)

Mountain Park Elementary, Emma Thomason, third grade

Mountain View High, Laura Droms, Spanish (grades 9-12)

Mulberry Elementary, Heather Watkins, first grade

Nesbit Elementary, Katie Bergeron, first grade

Norcross Elementary, Melissa Benedict, kindergarten

Norcross High, Linda Katz, AP Language and Composition/American Literature (10th grade)

North Gwinnett High, Natalie Powell, language arts (10th and 11th grade)

North Gwinnett Middle, Rena Beckwith, science (seventh grade)

Norton Elementary, Tyuan Duncan, fifth grade

Oakland Meadow School, Cathy Etheridge, special education - Emotional Behavior Disorders (second and third grade)

Osborne Middle, Janet Chastain, science (sixth grade)

Parkview High, Matthew Moon, math (grades 9-12)

Parsons Elementary, Tyler Perkerson, third grade

Partee Elementary, Catherine Kay, third grade

Patrick Elementary, Kimberly Southerland, third grade

Peachtree Elementary, Crystal Youmans, third grade

Peachtree Ridge High, Lisa York, language arts (11th grade)

Pharr Elementary, LaKeeta Sawyer, second grade

Phoenix High, Jeff Anderson, language arts and composition (11th and 12th grade)

Pinckneyville Middle, Karen Wilson, language arts (eighth grade)

Puckett’s Mill Elementary, Amy Riker, fourth grade

Radloff Middle, Joanna Cavender, special education - Moderate Intellectual Disabilities (grades 6-8)

Richards Middle, Betsy Frye, science (seventh grade)

Riverside Elementary, John C. O’Keefe, fourth grade

Roberts Elementary, Judy Stephenson, first grade

Rock Springs Elementary, Ashley Lengyel Watkins, special education - Autism (grades 3-5)

Rockbridge Elementary, Makenzie Ramey, kindergarten

Rosebud Elementary, Martina Luna-Liranzo, gifted math (grades 3-5)

Shiloh Elementary, Amy Toro, fourth grade

Shiloh High, Camilla Thompson-Stith, math (grades 10-12)

Shiloh Middle, Jamarla Johnson, language arts (eighth grade)

Simonton Elementary, Kyle Flemish, fourth grade

Simpson Elementary, Stacey Dunlap, media specialist

Snellville Middle, Bonnie Mondesir, language arts (eighth grade)

South Gwinnett High, Terry Mouton, math (ninth grade)

Starling Elementary, Jennifer Blodgett, fourth grade

Stripling Elementary, Julie Frick, literacy coach (grades 1-3)

Sugar Hill Elementary, Carrie Doker, fourth grade

Summerour Middle, Carol Williams, math (sixth grade)

Suwanee Elementary, Angie Etheredge, third grade

Sweetwater Middle, Leonard Devoe, math (seventh grade)

Sycamore Elementary, Beverly Carlan, gifted education (grades K-5)

Taylor Elementary, Jessica Wise, fourth grade

Trickum Middle, Tim Yates, social studies (ninth grade)

Tripp Elementary, Jennifer Geyer, third grade

Twin Rivers Middle, Nathan Amrine, math (eighth grade)

Walnut Grove Elementary, Shannon Crocombe, special education - Autism (grades K-2)

White Oak Elementary, Terri Turner, special education - Interrelated Resource (grades 3-5)

Winn Holt Elementary, Terri Stahlman, gifted education (grades 1-5)

Woodward Mill Elementary, Patricia Cincotta, fifth grade