DISC SPOTLIGHT: 'Love is all You Need'

Love is all You Need Blu-ray (R)

Movie: 4 out of 4 stars

Disc: 3 out of 4 stars

As sexy as it is smart, “Love is all You Need” (titled “The Bald Hairdresser” in its native Denmark) is also one of the rare romantic dramas of any year to feature two leads that are over 40 years old. After an initial ugly run-in at an airport on their way to the same wedding in Italy, produce magnate Philip (Pierce Brosnan) and mother of the bride Astrid (Trine Dyrholm) come to terms with their own tragic losses and begin to see the light at the end of their dark tunnels. It’s a triumph on every level that shouldn’t be missed.

Technical specs: aspect ratio: Widescreen (1080p/2.39:1), audio: Danish and French (DTS-HD MA 5.1), subtitles: English and French.

Special features include:

• Cast and filmmaker commentary

• Cast and filmmaker Q&A

• Interviews

• Making-of featurette

• Trailer

(Sony, $30.99)