FILM FANS: 'Getaway' is just plain bad

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1 out of 4 stars

“Getaway” is the latest summer action flick and the second summer movie starring Ethan Hawke. After seeing this film, it’s my opinion he needs to go back to small independent films.

While I truly subscribe to the old adage “Keep It Simple Stupid,” it couldn’t get any simpler than this … or more stupid. It involves Brent Magna, a washed up racecar driver who’s been blackmailed into performing seemingly senseless tasks, such as driving into crowded parks at 80 mph and zooming around the city forcing European cops to crash into one another.

Along the way he picks up Selena Gomez, who’s forced along for the ride but then becomes a willing participant. As if that’s not contrived enough, it turns out the Shelby Cobra he’s stolen just happens to belong to her. All of this leads up to a ridiculous final chase scene that is so over the top that we’re asked to believe an SUV can outrun a Cobra.

All-in-all, “Getaway” is simply one long 90-minute car chase that turns out to be a surprisingly boring and completely ridiculous excuse to trash cars. A better title would have been “Stay Away.”

— Ron Adams, Statham

1 out of 4 stars

“Getaway” is not worth the money. I was so bored by this movie that I almost fell asleep in the nice stadium seating. A nap would have been a better use of my time. The car chase scenes did not thrill or terrify or even elicit awe in the beautiful cars or scenery. The premise of a man’s past coming back to haunt him in the taking of his wife and the demand that one last job must be undertaken to save her is old but full of potential. Unfortunately, the only thing of any real value was the promise of a story made in the brief showing of a few memories. The story was left untold. I would suggest that it is best left unseen.

— Deborah Hurd, Bethelehem

0 out of 4 stars

I’m making it official: With this movie review, I am now Gwinnett County’s official dog catcher. It must be true, because I’m catching all the dogs this summer, and “Getaway” is one mutt that needs impounding.

Ethan Hawke stars as disgraced former race car driver Brent Magna, whose wife has been abducted by Euro-hoodlums in Bulgaria. These baddies want Brent to wreak havoc on the traffic and infrastructure of the capital Sofia in order to pave the way for their big bank heist. They’ve supplied Brent with an armored Mustang Shelby Super Snake (yep, that’s right, armored) and an implausible list of targets and obstacles that Brent must take out with this street machine. Oh, before he even gets out of the parking deck, he gets a pistol stuck in his face by Selena Gomez’ character, a potty-mouthed bit of jailbait to whom the Mustang already belongs.

This is also the most unintentionally funny movie I’ve seen in a while, because the film editing is so bad. One chase scene starts in the middle of the night, and then abruptly ends in broad daylight. My movie buddy and I had a contest going to see how many outside rearview mirrors the Mustang had at any given point in the show; sometimes it had two, sometimes it had none, then one, then back to two, and … well, you get the point.

The acting in “Getaway” is just plain lousy. Hawke as Brent is as cool as a cucumber one minute, then suddenly becomes a vein-popping, eye-bulging maniac the next. Gomez is seriously miscast, and Jon Voigt literally phones in his performance as the main villain. “Getaway” is exactly what you should do if you’re thinking of spending your hard-earned loot on this rabid (and vapid) hound from hell.

— Tim Weekley, Suwanee