Plays to open in Norcross, Snellville

This weekend, two Gwinnett theaters are opening new plays, which have some sort of theme with death — appropriate for the eerie time of year.

In Norcross, Lionheart Theatre opened its latest production, “Mort” last night — Halloween.

The play was adapted for the stage by Stephen Briggs and it tells the story of Mort, a teenager who has been chosen as Death’s apprentice.

He gets board and lodging as well as free use of company horse. Mort finds his new duties difficult, and puts the Discworld in jeopardy when instead of collecting the soul of a princess, he kills her would-be assassin and changes history.

Tickets are $12 to $15. “Mort” runs through Nov. 17.

Lionheart is located at 10 College St. in Norcross. For more information, visit www.lionhearttheatre.org.

Over in Snellville, New London Theatre is performing Arthur Miller’s classic work “Death of a Salesman.”

The story is about a failing salesman, Willy Loman, who has been working for years for unobtainable dreams and begins to lose a grip on reality. The father creates strains on all of the other characters in the play, especially his wife Linda and his two sons, Biff and Happy.

At the end, the audience will watch the demise of Willy and his ultimate fate.

Tickets are $10 to $15. “Death of a Salesman” runs through Nov. 27.

New London is located at 2338 Henry Clower Blvd. in Snellville. For more information, visit www.newlondontheatre.org.