OPINION: Vote ‘yes’ to keep county moving ahead

Why you should vote ‘yes’ on SPLOST

Gwinnett County is known as an innovative and strong community with a well-planned future. As one of the most progressive counties in the Southeast with cities named among the best places to live in America, our quality of life continues to attract a strong and vibrant community.

Well-planned and innovative efforts to move Gwinnett forward distinguish us from other counties in the region. It doesn’t happen by accident — it takes a commitment from us all to continue our quality of life.

A good example is coming up for a vote on Nov. 5 when Gwinnett residents decide whether or not to renew the one-cent special purpose local option sales tax (SPLOST). If approved, it is estimated to raise $498 million for improvements to our roads, sidewalks, parks, libraries, senior centers, public and school safety and other capital projects throughout the county.

SPLOST is not a new tax but an extension of a one-cent tax on sales paid by everyone who shops in Gwinnett County. Gwinnett’s sales tax rate will remain at 6 percent, which happens to be the lowest sales tax rate in the state.

Because this is a consumption tax, significant SPLOST revenues are generated every day by people who do not live in our community. This is a powerful funding source for our community that offsets our tax base in a big way. When people pass through our county and shop they are helping to make our quality of life better every day.

Nearly 79 percent of SPLOST funds raised will go to Gwinnett County. More than 20 percent is allocated to cities for similar improvements. The county is also designating $25 million for joint city/county projects. Everyone in Gwinnett benefits from SPLOST.

This is an important issue for all Gwinnett residents. We encourage you to know the facts before you go to the polls. Please visit www.GwinnettsFuture.com for more information and poll locations.

Early voting is now available for all residents. Residents who vote in a city election on Nov. 5 will also need to go to their county precinct to cast their vote for SPLOST.

Join us in renewing this powerful funding source for our community that allows Gwinnett to keep moving forward. It’s up to us ensure our future is bright.

Benjamin Franklin said, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” Our future, our quality of life depends on this. Many of these improvements in our community will not be possible without SPLOST. Our community has a proven track record with SPLOST. We need to vote YES to ensure that we remain one of the best counties in the U.S. to live, learn, work and play.

Vote yes to SPLOST on Nov. 5 to keep Gwinnett moving forward.

Terry Gordon, Andrew Pourchier, Paige Havens and Herman Pennamon are community co-chairs for Vote for Gwinnett’s Future.