Four campaign for Lawrenceville Post 4

LAWRENCEVILLE — With P.K. Martin vying for state Sen. Don Balfour’s District 9 seat, his position on the Lawrenceville city council is open.

On Nov. 5, four residents are campaigning to take his spot at Post 4: Renita Hamilton, Rory Johnson, Keith Roche and Larry Troutman.

None of the candidates have any previous political experience, but they all feel qualified for the job.

“The qualities, assets and benefits that set me apart from my competitor are reflected in my knowledge of the issues, experience and the fact I am a solutions person, which is why I am highly qualified and capable to serve,” Hamilton said about herself. “I bring an energetic approach, innovative ideas and vibrant solutions that are based in real facts relevant to today.”

With 15 years with the Boys & Girls Club, Johnson believes he’s the better candidate for the people.

“What sets me apart from my competitors is I am the only one pushing for embracing diversity inclusion, I am willing to be the voice of this community in which I have serviced for the past 15 years,” he said. “I have a proven track record of impacting and changing lives.”

Retired Roche has a vision for his community: make it beautiful and clean for all residents.

“All of us have specific issues that we want to address if we are fortunate enough to be elected to the city council,” said Roche, who served on the city’s planning commission. “However, I have a vision that goes beyond those specific issues.”

That includes shops, restaurants, professional buildings and maintained neighborhoods instead of pawn shops, bail bonds stores and check cashing outlets.

Troutman wants to bring his business background to the table.

“My 40-plus years as a small business owner who knows what it takes to keep a business growing in these times with some of the not needed rules, regulations,” he said. “If we are to grow this city we must keep the businesses we have and work with individual cases that are not in compliance with the city ordinances.”

All of the candidates agree that they want to work on economical growth and development as well as listening Lawrenceville residents and business owners for solutions.

On election day, incumbent Bob Clark is running unopposed for Lawrenceville’s Post 3.


Keith Roche

Keith Roche

Age: 68

Education: Short University, 1997

Occupation: Retired from PPG Industries

Political Experience: Lawrenceville Planning Commission

Family: Wife Beverly Roche; adult daughter, Christina


Larry Troutman

Larry Troutman

Age: 67

Education: Some college

Occupation: Business Owner/Auctioneer

Political Experience: None

Family: Wife Lucy; four grandchildren


Rory Johnson

Rory Johnson

Age: 56

Education: Illinois Benedictine College

Occupation: Senior Executive Director of the Lawrenceville Boys and Girls Club

Political Experience: None.

Family: Wife Gwen; two adult sons Brandon Johnson and Renoldo Johnson; one grandson


Renita Hamilton

Renita Hamilton

Age: 38

Education: Savannah State University, 2000; Tennessee State University, currently attending

Occupation: Small business owner

Political Experience: None.

Family: Son Kaleb, 15