I get angry every time Gwinnett County Commissioners claim that SPLOST funds will be used to fund specific system as they did recently when they claimed SPLOST would fund the school emergency system. As worthy as that and other programs may be, I deeply resent the inferences that SPLOST funds will be “fenced” and reserved for any special program.

Actually, this tax money will be dumped into the general fund and the County Commission can use this money, and other tax receipts, to fund any number of other programs they don’t even bother to mention to us taxpayers.

Know what else I resent? I feel abused that this is a special, single-issue vote specifically designed to bring out the votes of those most likely to benefit from the funding. The Gwinnett County Commission has not yet re-earned our trust. Commissioners, please be honest with us, for a change, and stop deceiving us as to where our tax money will really go. And include votes such as this in general elections. Until then, I will vote no to these special elections.

Ernest Wade, Loganville