Ed Kramer: Sheriff’s office, DA purposely sabotaging health

Ed Kramer

Ed Kramer


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Ed Kramer

LAWRENCEVILLE — Incarcerated Dragon*Con co-founder Ed Kramer has escalated his complaints against Gwinnett County officials, alleging in his most recent motion what amounts to deliberate bullying and sabotage.

Kramer has avoided trial on multiple child molestation charges since his original arrest 13 years ago. After being re-introduced to the Gwinnett County jail at the beginning of the year, he’s filed hundreds of complaints with the sheriff’s office — from health and religious concerns to requests for special accommodations.

Those are nothing new and have been addressed in open court.

As his theoretical trial date in December creeps closer, though, Kramer appears to have upped his charges. In a motion for reasonable accommodations filed last week by attorney McNeill Stokes, the sci-fi convention founder lodged specific allegations against the sheriff’s and district attorney’s offices:

— According to the motion, District Attorney Danny Porter sent an email, in reply to a memo regarding Kramer, that told sheriff’s office leaders “that they should not make any accommodations for court unless or until ordered to do so by the Court.”

— Prior to an April 26 hearing, the motion alleges, Kramer’s glasses were “stolen from his cell in the medical isolation unit” at the jail, an area “only accessible by the jail deputies.”

— Kramer , who reportedly has 50 percent hearing loss in each ear, was scheduled to have hearing aids fitted prior to that same April date in court. That appointment “was cancelled by the Jail Administration,” last week’s filing said.

— During the aforementioned hearing, Kramer’s attorneys allege not only that his “oxygen absorption level” dropped to a potentially deadly 72 percent and that he was sent into court without properly charges batteries for his breathing apparatus, but that a deputy “put the oxygen (sensor) on her own finger” to produce a reading of 98 percent oxygen absorption.

—“Defendant had been receiving spinal epidural injections for pain abatement every six months,” the motion said. “He is months overdue and no appointment has been scheduled with any pain specialist.”

All of the actions alleged in the motion led to Kramer’s having to leave the April 26 hearing — which ended with him being denied bond — prior to its conclusion. They also present concern with a Dec. 2 trial date creeping nearer, his attorneys argued.

Porter, though, has been an outspoken skeptic about Kramer’s medical woes. He doesn’t typically mince words regarding the case and didn’t start Wednesday.

“As usual, Mr. Kramer is making unsupported claims (at least unsupported by testimony) and accusations to further his goal to establish some record that he can use to challenge his inevitable conviction,” the district attorney, who is prosecuting the case himself, said in an email.

Sheriff Butch Conway was little more coy. A sheriff’s office spokeswoman said Wednesday on his behalf that, “any response that we make regarding Mr. Kramer’s recent motion will be addressed to the court.”

Kramer was charged with child molestation in 2000 after two local boys — whose mother Kramer was dating — made outcries that he had touched them inappropriately for a number of years after gaining their trust with comic books and action figures. A third boy later came forward.

Due to a number of extenuating circumstances and motions, Kramer was taken off house arrest in 2009 and allowed to check-in via phone. He was brought back to the Gwinnett County jail in January after allegedly being found in a Connecticut motel room with a 14-year-old boy.

Dr. Lloydstone Jacobs, medical director at the Gwinnett County jail, testified in August that Ed Kramer does indeed have a number of medical issues, including pain from a cervical fusion, diabetes, psoriatic arthritis and emphysema. He said at the time that he didn’t see any reason why Kramer wouldn’t be able to sit through four-hour sessions of his upcoming trial.

Last week’s motion, though, cut that suggestion in half, arguing that more than two consecutive hours would only be manageable with “substantial breaks” and “periodic pain medication” for Kramer. It claimed that the defendant “has suffered and will continually to suffer (sic) irreparable injury” unless accommodations like proper oxygen maintenance and hearing aids were included.

Superior Court Judge Karen Beyers has yet to rule on the motion or otherwise determine what will be necessary for Kramer to stand trial.

Messages left for Stokes, the attorney who filed the recent motion on Kramer’s behalf, were not returned.