City of Lilburn starts wellness program for employees

The City of Lilburn has been selected by the Georgia Municipal Association to receive a grant to fund a wellness program for employees.

The Employee Health Promotion & Wellness Incentive Grants were awarded statewide to promote worksite programs designed to enhance the health and wellness of city employees and their family members.

According to a news release, awards are made to members of the GMA GMEBS Life and Health Insurance Fund, underwritten by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia, based on a city’s commitment to employee health and demonstrated collaboration with other community groups and organizations engaged in health promotion.

As part of the grant process, the city of Lilburn designated a health promotion leader to develop a workplace health promotion action plan to attend a Local Government Risk Management Services’ High Impact Health Promotion and Wellness training session.

“We are pleased that the GMA recognizes our interest in employee health and in managing health care costs,” City Manager Bill Johnsa said. “This grant will help us provide new programs to our staff and their families.”

Employees will be offered a confidential health assessment program using a Health Risk Appraisal, with a blood pressure screening and health improvement feedback.