Missing Barrow teens found safe

Johnathan “Tucker” Allen, 14, and Oriana Trigg, 13, were first reported missing late Friday. (Special Photo)

Johnathan “Tucker” Allen, 14, and Oriana Trigg, 13, were first reported missing late Friday. (Special Photo)

The two Barrow County teenagers first reported missing on Friday afternoon were found safe and unharmed Sunday morning, Barrow officials said.

Oriana Trigg, 13, and Johnathan “Tucker” Allen, 14, a girlfriend and boyfriend, were found by Barrow County Sheriff Deputies around 10 a.m. in the Bethlehem area.

"There remains no indication that foul play was involved at this time," Barrow authorities said in a release.

"Sheriff’s officials will continue to investigate the circumstances surrounding the runaway as well as coordinate assistance services with the family."


This is Tucker's mom, Beth.

I think I speak for all parents involved when I say that we are just so relieved that both children were found safe and healthy. The next appropriate steps are underway for both families. Tucker is home with me and I can only focus on the fact that Friday morning was not the last time I was able to wrap my arms around my youngest child. I know without a doubt Oriana's family feel the same about seeing their little.

To clarify neither child has ever ran away, been in any trouble with authorities or school officials so any rumors to the contrary are just that, rumors.

Please respect the fact that we purposely withheld vital details of this case to help expedite the resolution. The truth a person doesn't have to know everything in order to want to help so for those who understand this thank you for that!! I have help in many crisis situations and I know from experience that there are always people who have something counterproductive and inappropriate to say. It is just how it is unfortunately. I pay them no mind and neither should you. Don't waste your energy on negative people.

We just want to thank every single person who prayed, who shared the pictures, who came out and searched and passed out flyers. Without you we know we would not have been able to conclude this nightmare as quickly as we did.

We have filed the appropriate request to take down this site soon since the crisis is over, but I wanted to say one more thing:

From the bottom of our hearts we are truly grateful to you all. We are blessed to live in such a great community with law enforcement who dedicated themselves to the return of our children. And the fact is, we have the most amazing circle of friends and family!!"