City of Sugar Hill posts two public surveys

SUGAR HILL — The city of Sugar Hill has a few simple questions, and it wants to hear your answers.

The city recently posted a public opinion survey on its website and is asking for input. The three questions cover very different topics:

— What types of events would you like to see at the City Hall Amphitheater?

— What types of items would you like to see placed inside the city of Sugar Hill’s 75th anniversary time capsule?

— Would you like to have Wi-Fi on the City Hall town lawn and amphitheater?

The survey was posted online last week and can be completed by visiting cityofsugarhill.com/survey. Submissions do not require names or any other identifying information.

The city also recently posted an “affected public survey” on behalf of its gas utility. That 10-part questionnaire covers safety issues.

“The safety of people who live and work near our pipelines is a top priority for us,” it says. “We would very much appreciate your feedback through our brief pipeline survey. The information gathered will help us improve our pipeline safety communications.”