Lionheart to showcase students’ work

NORCROSS — Since it opened in August, the Lionheart Performing Arts Centre has held classes for all ages.

On Friday, the new venue hosts its first Artists Showcase at 7 p.m.

The art on display was created by the students at the center. There are live performances with acting and monologues, plus an exhibit from the beginner’s photography class.

The artist of the month is Anne Labaire. Her art is also on display.

“I’ve been an artist from the moment I first held a Crayola in my chubby little hand,” she said. “I was fascinated watching the amazing colors unfold and mingle. I especially loved the way a single color could look so different depending on the colors around it. Once, confined to my bed for being naughty, I took a precious Crayola and creatively redecorated the wall as far as my little arms could reach.”

When her mom saw the mess, she said, “Look what you’ve down.”

“Oh, Mommy, I’m so sorry. I should have used green,” Labaire said to her mom.

By the next week, she was enrolled in an art class.

Lionheart PAC is located at 125 Lawrenceville St. in Norcross. For more information, call 678-365-6561 or visit lionheartpac.com.