LETTERS: Tired of the shutdown

I am having a real hard time getting my simple brain wrapped around this federal shutdown or slow down or whatever it is.

The House has approved all of the requested budget needed to keep things on track except for the Obamacare attachment. The Senate has refused to even negociate or meet regarding the Obamacare issue based on the wishes of the originator of the bill that was shoved down the voters’ throat with no voice in the matter to begin with. So much for a democratic republic form of government.

Since it has been brought to the attention of the voters that the House and Senate continue to draw their salaries, a little tap-dancing has begun in Congress. Knowing that we, the lowly working voter, don’t go for this “greater than thou” attititude many are opting to “withhold” their pay until this issue is resolved. Boy, I really feel better, don’t you?

President Obama continues to redesign our government to suit his personal agenda. Congress is acting like two kids on the playground pushing and name calling hoping the bell will ring soon.

Maybe the monarchy form of government isn’t so bad considering everyone knew that the king was responsible for everything and he paid the price when the people had enough.

D.W. Pyles, Loganville