LETTERS: Facts skewed on Affordable Care Act

Letter writer Torin Togut accuses columnist Cal Thomas of using the same old talking points against the Affordable Care Act. He also notes that Mr. Thomas does not mention that the U.S. spends more on healthcare than any other country.

This may be true, but how much of the U.S. expenditures are a result of the amount of government regulations, required record keeping and documentation. Add to this the cost of malpractice insurance and frivolous law suits and I can see why we spend more.

These topics were attempted to be discussed by the minority party, without any success, before the ACA was rammed through on a partisanship basis. The 2000-plus pages of the ACA and accompanying 20,000-plus pages of regulations are sure to help the situation. Mr. Togut also mentions that the World Health Organization ranks the U.S. 37th worldwide (below Cuba) in quality of healthcare. However there is no mention of the criteria that the WHO uses.

It appears that a country with high quality care overall, but unequal distribution, would rank below a country with lower quality care but equal distribution. Anyone wanting to get their medical care in Cuba should go for it.

The letter also mentioned that the people that do not have health insurance cost each of us $1,000 in health premiums. It appears that premiums are increasing based on the ACA since people are required to carry and pay for coverage they do not need in addition to paying for those that won’t. In the words of a Democratic senator, this law is a “train wreck.”

Bob Pietruszka, Lilburn