C3 Church men's group, ministry to aid former Marine

LAWRENCEVILLE — When the fellows from C3 Church Atlanta and its REALMEN Ministry heard a former Marine was struggling, they wanted to step in and help.

On Oct. 20, the men hope to give Sgt. Michael McKinney of Winder a used, but cleaned-up car.

“The recent government sequester has delayed Sgt. McKinney’s deployment and now he is here (in Georgia) with limited resources, two bad cars, three kids and little familial support,” said Jim Crumbley, a former Marine turned associate pastor for C3 Church Atlanta. “The guy is a hard worker. He just needs a hand.”

McKinney served in the Marines until 2008. When he returned home from his tour, he joined the National Guard as a combat medic. Recently, McKinney moved his family to Winder from Ohio after his unit was called for deployment. Now the former Marine works in Atlanta to support his family.

Crumbley hopes the gift of a new car will help ease the burden of halted plans and missing income caused by the current government shutdown.

“We’re just reaching out into the community to soldiers and veterans who have served our country bravely and need our support here at home,” Crumbley said. “We are looking for an older SUV, such as a Toyota 4Runner or Nissan Pathfinder. We are going to paint it up, fix it up and present it to him on Sunday morning.”

All funds for the purchase of the vehicle, plus needed customizations and restoration work have been funded by community donations. For more information on McKinney or how you can help contribute to this gift, contact Crumbley at jimcrumbley@gmail.com.