Standout Rust eyes more than volleyball

Parkview’s Rachel Rust

Parkview’s Rachel Rust

LILBURN — One of Parkview’s standout volleyball players, senior Rachel Rust, isn’t sure where she wants to go to college yet.

She’s got a list, schools like Syracuse, Auburn, Belmont and Baylor. Then there’s Carnegie-Melon and NYU. The only thing Rust is certain of is that this is her last year playing volleyball.

“I’m just going to go to college,” she said. “It makes more sense for me.”

A budding movie film production major, Rust plays year-round volleyball for the Atlanta Boom to much success. At Parkview, head coach Allison Herrick calls her “one of the most involved players I’ve ever met.”

This season for the Panthers, the first-year outside hitter has 27 aces, 115 kills, 185 digs, seven blocks and 11 assists.

But even watching her club teammates commit and sign college scholarships, Rust takes a wider view.

Her interest in volleyball began by watching her sister, Melissa Rust, play for Parkview. Her mother was a high school volleyball player and spent plenty of time helping at the gym. After a few young years playing soccer, volleyball became Rust’s only sport.

“I went to all the varsity games for two years in a row,” Rust said. “It’s basically all I do any more.”

Well, at least athletically. Rust is a member of the IDEALS program, a member of the national society of high school scholars and has participated in the Miss Parkview competition. But film editing stole her attention.

Rust credits Parkview’s video broadcast opportunities for sparking her interest in film editing. They produce a weekly show with news and video shorts, and though she was once a member of the drama program, Rust prefers the work behind the camera.

“I like being in control more,” Rust said. “I want to be able to change things.”

She spent part of this past summer, when she stole some time away from volleyball, with a “mini internship” at the New York Film Academy.

“It was really cool to have a short period of time there,” she said.

And she knows she has a short time left playing volleyball, a sport that’s dominated her time since she started in seventh grade.

“When high school is over, I have to move on,” Rust said, noting she did talk to some schools but they were a combination of too small or failed to offer her already chosen major. “I could always be a coach later on.”