LETTERS: Suwanee council should not ignore veterans cemetary

The city of Suwanee has promoted a historic district for old town and the proposal was presented Aug. 23 to the board of the state’s preservation group, where it passed and will move on to a federal agency.

The main focal point seems to be Pierce’s Corner and tax credits, yet no one mentioned the Jackson Street Cemetary and six or more veterans buried there. I, as a veteran, was the only one who stood up for the vets buried in the cemetary during the state meeting.

Why did the city council ever let any historic district map of the city to be drawn up withouth the cemetary and its WWI and WWII veteran grave sits being included?

It appears to me the Suwanee City Council is more interested in the arts and beer fests and wine fests than they are in those who honorably served their country and are now buried in the city limits.

Here is my offer to the council: If they will provide a list of all veterans buried in the city limits, I will work out the details of a memorial and its location, including a memorial to all those who have served.

Maruice Cook, Suwanee