LETTERS: Wrong moves being made in deal with Iran

Perhaps we should be happy that President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry have pronounced that Iran has virtually “caved” to our demands that Iran is halting their nuclear energy/weapons programs. I have grave doubts so severe that I simply do not trust Iran or this administration given the frequent and pervasive lies and deceptions of both. Pausing nuclerarization is not eliminating it.

Obama is desperate to draw our attention away from the Obamacare debacle which to date has been catastrophic. To trust Iran to do the “right thing” is idiotic considering the cold hard fact that Islam, and especially the leaders of Iran, considers lying to “non-believers” to be acceptable. The Obama Administration is being “played like a drum” but it cares not as long as they can. fool enough Americans to gain their selfish political goals.

The current sanctions against Iran were very difficult to implement to begin with thanks to foot-dragging by Russia, China and others and to think the sanctions can be re-implemented after six months, is a fool’s errand. Obama and Kerry haven’t a clue and they have ensured that Iran will soon have nukes.

Gene Wade, Loganville