Lawrenceville man sheds pounds on Weight Watchers

Chad Deal dropped 127 pounds on the program

Here is Chad Deal after he lost 127 pounds on Weight Watchers. (Special Photo)

Here is Chad Deal after he lost 127 pounds on Weight Watchers. (Special Photo)


Pictured is Chad Deal at 302 pounds, before joining Weight Watchers in Lawrenceville. (Special Photo)

LAWRENCEVILLE — Chad Deal initially joined Weight Watchers as the result of a knee injury that wouldn’t heal.

“My doctor said ‘lose some weight’ and you will see some relief from the pain,” the Lawrenceville resident said.

At 302 pounds, Deal originally wanted to lose 25 pounds. But after 14 weeks in the program, he dropped 50 pounds and upped his goal.

“When I reached that goal, I was so close to making it into my ultimate goal range that I just couldn’t give up,” he said.

Deal is now 175 pounds, a total loss of 127 pounds.

“My life was changing before my eyes and I wanted to see the rest of the story,” he said about the transformation. “My children were noticing that daddy plays with us more and doesn’t eat junk anymore. When a 6 year-old and 4 year-old notice a change in your eating habits, you know that they had to have been awful.”

The first thing the father of two needed to face were his own issues about food.

“For me, the biggest thing I had to realize was what my issue was, coming to grips that is isn’t just what you eat, it’s the amount you eat,” Deal said. “I was getting a high from eating too much. The idea of having a food addiction was the turning point for me when I found that out. Once I got to that point, it was easy.”

And the holidays are no longer a problem for him.

“The great thing that I have so many tools available to me now and the parties are fun now,” Deal said. “I get to focus on the people instead of what’s on the table. I enjoy it much more now.”

Recently, Deal was named a Weight Watchers 50 Years of Success staff contest winner. He is now a Weight Watchers Leader in Lawrenceville and is one of 14 Weight Watchers staff members from across the country to be recognized for his weight loss achievements.

“Now that I have taken on this role, my weeks are so fulfilling,” Deal said. “Getting to share in the success of my members and helping them over the hurdles to reach their goals never gets old. Each meeting brings new surprises and tons of smiles. I learn as much as they do each week and it helps to keep me on track.”

Now that his body is healthy, he has new goals — hoping to get his young ones involved in the positive lifestyle.

“For me it’s more about continuing to be healthy,” he said. “With every goal, when I’m in my goal range is a little victory. My next goal is to inspire my children to take the healthy path with me.”

With the program, Deal believes he found everything he needed to get through the tough transformation.

“The life I have today is all thanks to the support I found through Weight Watchers,” he said. “I am overjoyed with the results, and so are my wife and kids.”