Berkeley Lake celebrates dam completion, aids charities

BERKELEY LAKE — City homeowners, property owners, elected officials and staff members gladly closed a four-year-long chapter in Berkeley Lake’s history on Oct. 25, the date that the repairs to the dam were officially approved by Georgia Safe Dams. To celebrate this milestone, which has been reached through negotiations, sacrifice and expense to property owners, the city held a community celebration, a Fall Festival, on Saturday, Nov. 16.

“I had two goals for the event,” mayor Lois Salter said in her monthly Mayor’s Message to the city. “One was to bring our citizens together to enjoy each other, have a good time and commemorate the successful completion of our new dam. The other was to raise money for charities that need our help.” With only about three weeks to plan the citywide celebration, there was not much time to coordinate the event.

City Charity Coordinator Lou Mitcham was able to solicit community participation that kept the city’s costs down, and Berkeley Lake Homeowners Association President Bryan Stuart donated $400 of his own money toward food for festival-goers.

The festival raised $1724 for the Norcross Cooperative Ministry, and Paws and Stars Animal Rescue. “This was such a great event. Our citizens are so relieved that the dam repairs are complete. This was a wonderful way for everyone to celebrate that,” Salter said.

About 100 bags of food were also donated to the Norcross Co-op. “It’s all about the kids and the animals,” Mitcham said. “Everyone else is pretty much able to take care of themselves, but they need our help.” Stuart echoed Mitcham’s sentiments. “There are so many that need our help, and we can do that.”

Mitcham is now coordinating the city’s toy drive. For more information, visit the city’s website at www.berkeley-lake.com.

City ordinance

governing use of

firearms amended

Following a recent complaint about the use of a bow and arrow within the city limits, city leaders voted to amend the ordinance governing weapons use to include firearms as well as crossbows, bows and arrows and slingshots. Paint ball guns, BB guns, air rifles and similar weapons are now also identified in the ordinance.

2014 budget public hearing scheduled

The city’s proposed 2014 budget has been presented to Salter and council members, and a public hearing on the budget is scheduled for the December regular council meeting, at 8 p.m. on Thursday, Dec. 19.

The budget reflects revenues and expenditures totaling $1,095,427. “This is the first budget in several years that does not include dam repair expenses,” city administrator Tom Rozier said.